Portland, Oregon

JANUARY, 22-23, 2022

Since 1979, we are Portland, Oregon’s best-attended, must-see, wedding-event of the year. This is the premiere event and only legacy wedding show in Oregon. It stands out from the rest for many reasons, but most celebrated is that we bring in 7000-10000 attendees and approximately 3000-4000 registered brides. (This is a two-day show.)


Denver, Colorado

JANUARY, 30, 2022

We produce Denver’s longest-running and best-attended bridal show in Colorado. If you’re going to choose one wedding show in the Denver market, this is the one that you cannot afford to miss. Careful attention to create the perfect wedding show experience with hand-selected exhibitors and a fantastic yet intimate fashion show results in hundreds showing up to plan their perfect day. (This is one-day show.)


Boise, Idaho

JANUARY, 8-9, 2022

Boise, Idaho’s best-attended, longest-running, wedding event of the year is a reason to celebrate. Boise brides-to-be mark their calendars for a chance to meet you. It’s a must-attend right-of-passage in planning their big day.  It is hands-down the best weekend to meet the most couples in the process of planning their wedding. (This is a two-day show.)