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How to Follow Up With Interested Couples After the Bridal Show

The whole purpose of exhibiting at bridal shows is to generate interest with couples who might use your services for their special day. While you may be able to land some clients on the actual day of the show, a majority of your paying customers will require more effort. If you had a successful run […]


Stand Out Amongst the crowd: Unorthodox Tips for Getting Poeple Over to Your Booth

At a bridal show, every exhibitor is given the same amount of space to set up their booth. Unless you’re given a strategic position near the entrance, you’ll be competing with dozens of other vendors to attract potential customers. In order to stick out from the crowd, you’ll have to implement some unorthodox strategies. After […]


How to Establish Rapport With Couples Who Approach Your Booth

Establishing rapport is one of the most effective strategies in converting a bridal show guest into a potential customer. In order to accomplish this goal, you have to communicate honestly and effectively with visitors. While other exhibitors are busy trying to sell their services, you need to build a relationship that goes beyond vendor and […]



Running a booth at a bridal show isn’t as easy as it may appear. To the uninformed eye, it looks like a bunch of people sitting behind makeshift exhibit space waiting for the stray visitor to stop by. In reality, operating a booth at an exhibition is more complicated and requires more work than one […]


Bridal Show Blunders: 6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your First Exhibition

Your first exhibition can be an equally exciting and nerve-wracking event. Even though you have a great opportunity to display your services and products to interested couples who might become paying customers, you also have no prior experience at these events to inform your current efforts. Fortunately, thousands of vendors have already proven what doesn’t […]


6 Must-Have Items For Any Exhibitor

Exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for vendors to display their products or services in front of hundreds of newly-engaged couples. There’s no other event that gets you this close to potential customers without the need for awkward conversations and cold-calling. You’ll be in direct contact with interested brides- and grooms-to-be. To ensure everything goes smoothly, […]


Tips for Collecting Leads at a Bridal Show

As a vendor, you probably attend bridal shows for a host of different reasons. Perhaps you want to gain exposure in your local area or need some extra practice with your pitch. Irregardless, there’s always one priority which sits at the top of every vendor’ list: to generate leads. As most couples won’t be willing […]


Questions You Should Ask the Bridal Show Host

Bridal shows are one of the best opportunities vendors have to meet directly with potential clients in the hope of landing some leads. In order to take full advantage of these events, it’s important to have a complete idea of what you’re getting into. If you’ve been to a few exhibitions in the past, don’t […]


How to Make Use of Limited Space at a Bridal Show

One of the biggest challenges facing vendors at a bridal show is the limited amount of space allotted for each booth. With several dozen vendors and hundreds of visitors, it’s not possible for each business have free reign in terms of space. This greatly restricts the amount of materials, people, and examples you can bring […]


Creative Ways to Encourage Couples to Contact You After the Wedding Show

One of the most elusive goals for vendors at a wedding show is getting couples to contact them after the show. Even with an attractive booth, a polished speech, and a good rapport, vendors can’t be sure if couples who showed an interest will actually end up reaching out later. While collecting contact information and […]


Avoid These Critical Mistakes That Turn Away Potential Clients

With so many articles and video tutorials on the right things to do at a wedding show, many vendors aren’t educated on the things that they should avoid. Unfortunately, there’s a laundry list of common mistakes that end up costing vendors deals. When it comes to landing paying customers, avoiding the bad is just as […]