Wedding Industry Lead Generation:

What if your calendar was BOOKED SOLID with weddings without spending tons of hours on SEO, content creation, live-streaming, constant social media posting, lead generation and sales funnels?

If you’re tired of fake gurus targeting you with messages like “6 simple ways to get multiple customer inquiries per day” blah, blah, blah…

If you’re struggling to keep up with posting million times a day on multiple social platforms that do not bring inquiries to your website…

If you’re sick of watching your competitors succeed while you work your tail off with little success…

If you’re sick of working ‘marketing programs’ that really don’t work…

Then these may be the most important videos you have watched in your professional career!

We are going to walk you through solutions or alternatives to all of these problems so you can create a clear roadmap for building your wedding business by cutting through all the clutter and getting face-to-face with couples who are eager to buy what you are selling.

Here’s just a TASTE of what you’ll learn in our wedding show training series:

·         How to attract and engage wedding show attendees

·         DOs and DON’Ts for booth design

·         How to create a handout that won’t get thrown out

·         How NOT to behave in your booth

·         How to follow up and convert your leads into SALES

These twenty-two 5-10 minute videos delivered daily to your inbox from Rocky Mountain Bridal Show and Wedding Shows Work with self-paced, easy to consume doses of how-tos, inspiration, success tips, and innovative strategies, PLUS sales and marketing tutorials will help keep you moving in the right direction.


Barbie Howard

Producer, Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

Founder, Wedding Shows Work