As a vendor, you probably attend bridal shows for a host of different reasons. Perhaps you want to gain exposure in your local area or need some extra practice with your pitch. Irregardless, there’s always one priority which sits at the top of every vendor’ list: to generate leads. As most couples won’t be willing to sign a deal at the actual event, you’ll have to follow-up afterwards. This leaves you with the concrete goal of collecting as many contacts as possible. Here are some tips for collecting leads at a bridal show.

Ask if couples show an interest in your service.

The easiest and most natural way to collect leads at a bridal show will be to simply ask couples that show a genuine interest in your services. Don’t over do your pitch and give an excessive amount of information. This can feel overwhelming and tedious for brides- and grooms-to-be who have dozens of other vendors to see. Let the conversation flow naturally and take advantage of the couples that show interest quickly. You can always add more details in the follow-up.

Show couples how your service can help bring their dream wedding to life.

Not Every couple who approaches your booth is going to show intrigue. In these situations, you might turn off some potential clients by asking for their contact info right away. Make an effort to connect the dots between your services and the couples’ dream wedding. Illustrate how you can help bring their ideal wedding day to life. This extra prompting should be enough to encourage some visitors to get off the fence. When that glimmer of interest shines through, casually ask for their contact info.

Host a raffle.

Nobody can pass up the opportunity to win free stuff, especially couples planning to spend a good portion of their life’s savings. Hosting a raffle is a tried and true method for attracting couples to your booth. You can turn this same strategy into a lead-generating machine by requesting emails as the “entrance fee”. The raffle can be anything from a valuable item to a certain percentage discount off one of your services. Make sure it’s enticing enough to encourage people to enter. At the end of the exhibition, you should have a whole list of leads.

Offer some expert advice for free.

At a bridal show, vendors are seen as the experts of their relative field. If you offer wedding cakes, then you’re effectively a wedding cake expert in the view of attendees. The same goes for any service or product you’re offering. You can capitalize on this position of authority by offering free advice to clients via email. Instead of handing over contact info to be contacted, couples are much more likely to give up that precious email address in exchange for some expert advice. Just make sure to have a short e-book, educational video, or some form of content to send out after the exhibition.

Let the leads come to you.

There are times when you have to let the leads come to you instead of actively approaching. Whenever a couple leaves your booth, make sure to hand them a business card with your contact information. This needs to become a habit whenever you meet a potential client at an exhibition. You should even offer these business cards to couples who don’t show a lot of interest in your services or products. This is the most effective way to ensure that all couples who visit your booth have a way to contact you, even if they weren’t willing to offer their emails. You never know when a couple might decide to use your service. Providing them with a way to contact you is the best way to have leads come to you.

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