Bridal shows are one of the best opportunities vendors have to meet directly with potential clients in the hope of landing some leads. In order to take full advantage of these events, it’s important to have a complete idea of what you’re getting into. If you’ve been to a few exhibitions in the past, don’t fall into the complacent trap of assuming they’re all the same. Each bridal show host will have unique standards, restrictions, and regulations. Ignoring these boundaries could put your booth’s success in jeopardy. Here are some questions which you should ask the bridal show host before starting any preparations.

How large are the booths?

As you build your booth from he ground up, your questions should also start with the fundamentals. Knowing the maximum dimensions allowed for each stall will give you a good starting point from which to work. Without this information, you’d be blindly guessing and wasting your team’s time. As every inch matters, rough guesses won’t suffice. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the exhibition hosts even before the official information is released. It’s never too early to get started, and you’ll have a leg up on your competitors. If you’re having a tough time visualizing the space, feel free to do some reconnoissance by visiting the actual event space for clarification.

What’s included with the booth?

Exhibition organizers vary greatly in what they provide along with the booth space. Some provide all the bells and whistles, while others only offer a barebones space. There are a few key items you should definitely ask about. For example, make sure there’s a source of power available in the booth. Make sure to ask about the amount and spacing of the outlets to determine if you need to bring extension or converters. You should also ask whether tables, chairs, and pipe and drapes are included or can be rented for extra.

Are there any height restrictions?

Many bridal show hosts will only have specific limits on the width and length of your booth. Height, on the other hand, might be a gray area in which you can capitalize. As all vendors are limited in space, you can use the area above your booth to stand out, so long as it is free to use. If you can’t find any mention of height restrictions in the rules, you should still ask to make sure. You don’t want to end up being penalized for assuming.

Are there any opportunities to sponsor at the show?

Bridal shows are all about marketing your products and/or services to the audience of soon-to-be newlyweds. As a vendor, you should take advantage of every opportunity to stand out in order to attract as many leads as possible. To help maximize your exposure, ask the bridal show host if they have any opportunities to sponsor the show. As with any event, many exhibition hosts will look to fund the endeavor by offering advertising space. Having your company’s name as a official sponsor could do wonders for your social proof and public perfection. Don’t wait to ask as other vendors will have the same idea.

Do you have any numbers regarding prior events?

Bridal shows are an investment for vendors in both time and money. Before you determine how much to put towards an exhibition, you should do a rough analysis to determine if the ROI is worthwhile. Since each bridal show will be different, you need to ask the host about their history with these events. Request to see some tracking or stats from previous events. Even something as basic as the number of attendees is relevant to your investment.

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