At a bridal show, every exhibitor is given the same amount of space to set up their booth. Unless you’re given a strategic position near the entrance, you’ll be competing with dozens of other vendors to attract potential customers. In order to stick out from the crowd, you’ll have to implement some unorthodox strategies. After all, the time and energy poured into this show only pays off with leads. Here are some steps you can take to set yourself apart from other competitors at your next bridal show.

Build an attractive booth.

The first thing that couples will see when entering an exhibition is dozens upon dozens of booths standing side by side. Creating an attractive booth is one of the most effective strategies for setting yourself apart from the crowd. If your booth can catch the eyes of guests as they scan the room, you’ve already won half of the battle. Some of the key factors for creating an attractive and distinct booth are color, simplicity, contrast, and uniqueness. You want to stick out from neighboring booths without overdoing it.

Set up a raffle. 

Raffles are always an effective way of drawing a crowd. Instead of having a cash prize, you could raffle off one of your services to a lucky couple. Casually mention the raffle to each guest that approach your booth and ask if they’d like to participate. Make sure the tickets capture some contact information along with the names of guests. This info can be used for marketing in the future. You may even want to ask the host of the bridal show to announce the raffle to direct even more people to your booth. With this strategy, not only do you attract potential clients to your booth, but you also gain some contact information for marketing purposes.

Give away something for free.

It’s a well-known fact that exhibitions are an excellent place to find free items. You can rest assured that couples will be on the lookout for complimentary gifts when perusing the available vendors. When choosing between two booths that are promoting similar services, a couple may opt for the one that is offering something for free. Even the most basic items like pens or stress balls are effective for gaining some initial attention from visitors. If you have the time and resources, print your company’s name and contact info on the complimentary items for an extra source of advertising.

Offer some snacks and drinks.

In addition to giving away free gifts, you can also offer some snacks and refreshments to get couples over to your booth. After walking around to dozens of different vendors, visitors are bound to work up an appetite and a dry mouth. Your booth would serve as an oasis in an otherwise dry desert of flyers, business cards, and booklets. For a snack, you could offer something simple like crackers or pretzels. Soda or some form of juice would suffice for drinks. If you’re promoting food-related services at the show, offering a small sample of your most popular dish would be a great form of advertising.

Offer a day-of-show discount or upgrade. 

Nothing gets newlyweds-to-be quite as excited as a special discount. When couples visit a bridal show, they aren’t only looking for the best service available. They are also looking for something that will fit within their allotted budget. Having a day-of-show offer is a great way to encourage visitors to approach your booth and learn more about your services. This special offer can come in the form of a discount or an upgrade depending on the area of your business. For example, a caterer may offer a 15% off discount while a wedding planner might provide a higher-tier package for the price of a more basic offer. For couples who are interested but not willing to commit on the same day, you can promote a 30-day offer as well. This way, you’ll be able to keep the clients who are on the fence.

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