The whole purpose of exhibiting at bridal shows is to generate interest with couples who might use your services for their special day. While you may be able to land some clients on the actual day of the show, a majority of your paying customers will require more effort. If you had a successful run at the bridal show and implemented the right strategies, you should be sitting with a solid list of couples who expressed interest in using your services. In order to remain as a potential option for these couples, it’s important to reach out after the show with some additional information and/or promotions. Here are some tips for following up with interested couples after the bridal show.

Reach out initially through their preferred method of communication.

When reaching out to couples after a bridal show, it’s important to make initial contact through their preferred channel of communication. Not only will this place you in good standing with the individual, but it also increases the likelihood that you’ll receive a prompt response. If a couple is genuinely interested in using your service, they’ll write down the method of communication with which they’re most active. During the exhibition, you should ask visitors how they would like to be contacted following the show. You can collect this information along with their name and other personal details. Every couple will have a different preference when it comes to being contacted. Reaching out through this form of communication can increase your chances of converting a lead into a paying customer.

Transition the conversation to a more convenient platform.

Once you’ve established rapport with a potential client via their preferred method of communication, you should transition the conversation to a platform that is more convenient and conducive to the exchange of key information. While texts and calls are great for sharing finer details and messages, email is still the king of professional communication. When a couple has expressed further interest in working together during initial contact, you can request to send them an email with some specific details regarding your services. You may have to convert some messages to a more concise format for couples who prefer texting as the primary form of communication.

Send out your email or text drip campaigns.

Transitioning the conversation from an initial vein of communication to something more convenient will allow you to implement your automated campaigns. Whether you’re using email or texting, it’s crucial to have a series of pre-written messages sent out to potential clients in order to keep them interested and up-to-date with important information. You should have all of your automated campaigns set up before the show so that potential clients will start receiving promotional messages after signing up for your newsletter or entering to win a prize. You need to be methodical in timing and order when organizing these automated messages. And always remember to add a call-to-action towards the end to encourage recipients to take certain steps.

Connect with them on social media.

Although you’ll be relying primarily on email and texting for reaching out to potential customers, social media is another great method of connection. If you did a successful job of promoting your accounts at the exhibition, you may have had a few couples start following your pages on their own. After the event, you should send out a message to these individuals thanking them for the follow and directing them to sources with more information. This could be your website or newsletter. If you were offering a specific reward for being followed on social media, make sure to lead with this before following up with information about your services. Whether your company is active on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, social media platforms are powerful places to contact potential clients after a bridal show. You’ll have direct access to their personal profile, and they’ll be seeing your posts as a continuous source of contact.

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