One of the biggest challenges facing vendors at a bridal show is the limited amount of space allotted for each booth. With several dozen vendors and hundreds of visitors, it’s not possible for each business have free reign in terms of space. This greatly restricts the amount of materials, people, and examples you can bring to make your stall successful. This is why experts recommend planning for weeks before the actual event to ensure that you can fit everything you need into this limited space. Part of this preparation should be finding ways to organize your booth in order to maximize space. Here are some tips for making use of limited space at a bridal show.

Take photos or videos of what you can’t bring.

If you were planning on taking some examples of your work but weren’t able to fit it all in your booth, take photos or videos of these items instead. You were most likely planning to bring a tablet or laptop already, and these mediums won’t take up any physical space, just memory on your device. When couples ask to see some of your work, you can bring out these examples without having to greatly reduce the amount of space in your booth with actual items. For example, if you’re a cake designer, you can store hundreds of pictures in your booth but only a few actual cakes.

Limit the number of reps in your booth.

When choosing how many employees you want to attend the bridal show, remember that less is more. In other words, you’re better off choosing a few key representatives rather than sending a whole team. Having a small number will make it easier to operate the booth logistically and will also make the booth more appealing to couples. Make sure to send employees who are personable, patient, and knowledgeable about your services. These individuals are the face of your company at bridal shows. If you choose wisely, only a few will be necessary. You can even cycle reps in and out of the booth during the event to keep everyone fresh.

Make use of vertical space.

Buildings and convention centers that host bridal shows will generally provide you with a measurement of how much space you’re allotted at the exhibition. This usually comes in a length by width measurement. While horizontal space is the most important, going vertical is a fantastic way to maximize your limited space at the bridal show. You have unused space beneath every table where you can store boxes with examples of your work, order forms, business cards, and other important content that should be on hand but not out in the open. Get creative with using space above your booth as well. Install some makeshift shelves to house odds and ends or stand tall items up vertically.

Place your table strategically.

Making the most of your limited space at a bridal show isn’t just about increasing the amount of space you have. It’s also about strategically organizing everything to make it feel spacious. Your table is an important component of your booth, but it can also pose as an emotional and physical barrier in between you and booth visitors. When your display table is out front, couples are forced to stand awkwardly in the crowd of people. This will encourage them to move on instead of spending time at your booth. To fix this issue, place your table at the back of the booth or on one side. When a couple approaches your booth, you’ll have the space to invite them inside for a more comfortable interaction.

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