One of the most elusive goals for vendors at a wedding show is getting couples to contact them after the show. Even with an attractive booth, a polished speech, and a good rapport, vendors can’t be sure if couples who showed an interest will actually end up reaching out later. While collecting contact information and making cold calls is an effective method for following up with potential leads, there are some effective strategies to entice couples to contact you instead. Here are some different strategies that exhibitors can use to increase the chances of having potential clients contact them after the wedding show.

Follow up on social media

If you’re not a fan of cold-calling and are hoping for a more subtle approach to coax potential customers to reach out after a wedding show, you should consider taking to social media. Many couples view this as the most intimate and personal method of contact when compared to phone calls and emails. Make sure to collect their social media handles at the actual wedding show instead of making them uncomfortable with online stalking. A short and sweet  personal message on their personal Facebook or Instagram profile could be just the thing that was needed to encourage a call. Consider writing something like this: “Hello, my name is (your name) from the wedding show. Just wanted to reach out to discuss some details about your wedding.” It’s important to ensure the message is warm and prompting without being too forceful.

Offer a special prize to one lucky caller

It’s amazing how motivated people are when given the chance to win a prize. Instead of giving something away at the actual wedding show, you could save this special gift to entice people to contact you directly. This is a great way to generate leads post-exhibition without having to make cold calls, emails, or texts. Whenever a couple approaches your booth, let them know that a lucky caller will be selected at random to receive a special gift. This could be a cash prize or something relevant to your services. For example, a florist could give away a free wedding set to a random caller. With this incentive, you’ll have calls coming in left and right.

Give a discount to anyone who reaches out 

While giving out one massive prize will encourage many couples to reach out after the show, you might have a hard time converting the ones that didn’t win. An alternative giveaway that could translate into more paying leads is offering a discount to anyone who contacts you within a certain time frame following the exhibition. It’s important to specify that the discount is only offered for a few days or a week after the bridal show. This will help guarantee that you’re the first vendor that couples reach out to in order to secure the deal. Don’t go overboard with the offer; even a 10% discount should be enough to encourage couples to contact you after the show.

Show your interest in their wedding

When visiting with potential clients at a wedding show, you should be asking specific questions about their ideal ceremony. This personal conversation helps to establish rapport while also giving you insight into what the bride- and groom-to-be are hoping to get out of a vendor. When collecting contact information, make the extra effort of jotting down a few notes about that particular couple. You can encourage these couples to contact you in the future by sending an email or text message mentioning something specific about their dream wedding along with a piece of advice. This proves to couples that you care enough to remember their desires and are thinking of ways to contribute to their special day.

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