With so many articles and video tutorials on the right things to do at a wedding show, many vendors aren’t educated on the things that they should avoid. Unfortunately, there’s a laundry list of common mistakes that end up costing vendors deals. When it comes to landing paying customers, avoiding the bad is just as important as embracing the good. Here are some critical mistakes to avoid to make sure you don’t turn away potential clients.

Talking too much about yourself.

Mastering the art of selling is really all about understanding human communication and knowing what to say and what not to say. When you’re interacting with potential customers, you’ll have to balance the conversation between focusing on their wedding and your services. While both are relevant topics, there’s a critical timing for each. Talking too much about yourself, your company, or your services can turn couples off and send them searching for a booth with more ears. Instead, kick the interaction off with questions about the couple and gradually work your way to a description of how your services can help with their specific goals.

Appearing uninterested while managing the booth.

When couples choose which booth to approach next, looks play a large role. Assuming that your booth is appealing and attractive, potential clients will also be looking at the behavior of the working staff. If you’re sitting in the back of the booth with your arms folded, couples will be less likely to approach due to your lack of engagement. On the other hand, attendees will be more likely to visit your booth if you’re standing up, smiling, or invested in a good conversation with other people. Be cognizant of your body language as these small cues communicate a lot to your potential clients.

Being too short in conversation.

It’s never a good idea to go into a wedding show with the mindset of a salesman trying to land as many sales as possible. While generating business is your goal, you’ll need a different approach in this environment. Being too short and concise with couples can be construed as peevish and disrespectful. In order to curb this habit, try to focus on quality leads rather than the quantity. You’ll have a more successful run if you end the wedding show with a dozen genuine interests rather than several dozen couples who felt pressured to provide their info.

Not getting emotional and engaged with attendees.

Wedding shows are an exciting time for couples to start piecing together the puzzle that is their special day. Many vendors make the mistake of treating the exhibition like a normal sales meeting instead of matching the enthusiasm that attendees are bringing to the table. Getting emotional and engaged can help create a connection between you and potential customers. When they hear you relate to their wants, needs, and dislikes, they’re much more likely to trust you with their wedding. Don’t force emotions or go overboard with tears. Just be honest, engaging, and let couples open up.

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